Pitching du Réel 2020


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The Pitching du Réel is Visions du Réel’s international coproduction forum for creative documentaries intended for theatrical distribution and TV broadcasting. It offers the participants the opportunity to discuss the content and form of their project and to find out which contexts and markets might be the most relevant for it. It encourages international coproductions and helps to finance outstanding film projects addressing an international audience. 

Selected Projects

A Little Love Package

Gastón Solnicki, director
Paolo Calamita, Little Magnet Films, producer



Mohamed Siam, director
Patricia Drati, Good Company Pictures, producer
François Artemare, Les Films de l'Après-midi, producer
Egypt, France, Denmark


Fading Youth with Fresco

Monica Zhu, director
Li Zhe, director
Clarissa Zhang, Golden Lining Films, producer


I Dreamt of a Nation

Bigna Tomschin, director
Mathieu Dolenc, Tamtam Film GmbH, producer
Andrea Schütte,Tamtam Film GmbH, producer
Sarah Born, Catpics Ltd., producer
Switzerland, Germany, India



Sonia Ben Slama, director
Cécile Lestrade, Alter Ego Production, producer
Tania El Khoury, Khamsin Films, producer
Elise Hug, Alter Ego Production, producer
France, Lebanon



Petter Aaberg, director
Sverre Kvamme, director
Carsten Aanonsen, Indie Film, producer
Even Benestad, Indie Film, producer


Nobody Wants to be a Fireman

Vincent Pouplard, director
Emmanuelle Jacq, A Perte de Vue, producer
Jeremiah Cullinane, Planet Korda Pictures, producer
France, Republic of Ireland


Our Little Palestine

Abdallah Al-Khatib, director
Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Films de Force Majeure, producer
Ali Atassi, Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts, producer
Syria, Lebanon, France, Qatar



Alexander Abaturov, director
Rebecca Houzel, Petit à Petit Production, producer
France, Russia


PEPE, The Imagination of the Third Cinema
(PEPE, La imaginación en el Tercer Cine)

Nelson Carlo de los Santos, director
Pablo Lozano, Monte y Culebra SRL, producer
Dominican Republic



Lola Arias, director
Gema Juarez Allen, Gema Films, producer



Keren Chernizon, director
Illia Gladshtein, Phalanstery Films, producer


The Mission

Tania Moilanen, director
Isabella Karhu, Danish Bear Productions, producer
Juho-Pekka, Danish Bear Productions, producer


The Song of Breathing
(Il Canto del Respiro)

Simona Canonica, director
Michela Pini, Amka Films Productions SA, producer


Voice of Baceprot

Yosep Anggi Noen, director
Yulia Evina Bhara, KawanKawan Media, producer



Nadia Dresti, Ticino Film Commission, Switzerland

Francesco Giai Via, Venice Film Festival, Italy

Gitte Hansen, First Hand Films, Switzerland

Jovan Marjanovic, Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brigid O’Shea, DOK Leipzig, Germany